Using MVC


  • Can be accessed by both the View and the Controller
  • Can NOT access the View or the Controller
  • Suggested Usage:
    • Handles business logic
    • Interacts with the database
    • It processes and responds to data read requests from the View
    • It processes data create, update, and delete requests from the Controller


  • Only has access to the Model
  • Can NOT access the Controller
  • Suggested Usage:
    • Builds the HTML output string for your web application
    • Handle display logic
    • When it needs data, it will request it from the Model


  • Only has access to the Model
  • Can NOT access the View
  • Suggested Usage:
    • Handles all inbound request i.e. Form submissions
    • Handles data validation logic
    • When it needs to make a change to the database, it will send the validated data to the Model


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